I am an artist who works all night, all day, for the sake of making and creating. I enjoy being in shows and have an always growing body of work to meet a gallery’s needs. I will rework a piece in a physical sense, and have adapted to modern culture through the manipulations/ explorations of the computer. If I don’t feel a work is strong enough I go back in, or destroy. I am well versed in different mediums and comfortable art historically. Sometimes I allow my hands to lead the trip, and think about my actions after the fact. I like colors and mixed media. I like metal fabrication, and solving artistic puzzles. I like to stumble upon great ideas when one would least expect to. I make lists, and keep a well documented sketch book. I am a poet. I enjoy concepts, and conversations of concept, either by mouth or page. I have collaborated with the famous, yet still starving. I am inter-city, inter-state, and inter-continental. I live in the right side of my mind. I find teaching at a college level very rewarding (pushing art education onto young adults). I get humble easy. In my endless voyage I ask “what is art?”, “is this art?”, “who is an artist?”. Viewers say I am classic, and that my artistic styles match my personality. Art makes me feel human, and gives me a purpose. I guess it’s cool people like what I do too.


A taste of my artistic medicine